Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development

JITED V9 N1, April 2018

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Articles and authors

Information Technology Certification Training into the Military Information Technology Certification Process

JITED V9 N1 P01 Jamie Munn -IT Certification


Jamie E. Munn, Robert Branch

University of Phoenix, USA


Trust in the Public Sector? On Information Security Awareness in an Audit Service

JITED V9 N1 P02 Kofi Boateng -Information Security

Kofi A Boateng, Rosemary B Coffie, Prosper Hayford

Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences,

KNUST School of Business, Ghana




Applying Multidisciplinary Teaching Techniques to the Computer Programming/Coding Classroom

 JITED V9 N1 P03 LindaLee Massoud -Programming

LindaLee Massoud, JD

IT Department, Computer Information Studies Program

Mott Community College, Flint, MI USA


Steve Hallman, DBA

Higher Education and Business Consultant

Accreditation Mentor / Evaluator


Michel Plaisent, Prosper Bernard

Dept. Management and Technology,

University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada