International Journal of Health and Economic Development
IJHED V4 N1 January 2018
Table of Contents


Do Internet Searches Prior to a Doctor Visit Improve Quality and Reduce Costs?

IJHED V4 N1 P01 S Eric Anderson -Doctor Visit

S. Eric Anderson, Greg Johnson, Lorraine Abaro Thomas
La Sierra University, USA

Theory and Application of J Charts for Holistic Risk Based Statistical Adverse Event Trending

IJHED V4 N1 P02 Jayet Moon -Holistic Risk

Jayet Moon
Terumo Medical Corporation, USA

Victims of Domestic Violence:  Findings and Suggestions

IJHED V4 N1 P03 Brenda Deans -Victims of D Violence

Brenda Deans, Dale Mancini, Deborah Shearer, Lydia MacKenzie
Argosy University, USA