Journal of Finance, Accounting and Management

Volume 9 Number 2– July 2018

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Article and Authors
Role of Effective Training and Development Programs in Achieving High Professional Performance in Asian Banking Industry

Sarah Anjum, Tahir Ali
University of Karachi, Pakistan

JFAM V9 N2 P01 Sarah Anjum -Asian Banking Industry

Effective supply chain coordination with hybrid demand forecasting techniques

Gurmail Singh
Division of Research and Development, Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, India

JFAM V9 N2 P02 Gurmail Singh -Demand Forecasting

Impact of Terrorism on Exclusive Indian Economy

Malik Shahzad Shabbir, University of Lahore, Pakistan

JFAM V9 N2 P03 Malik Shabbir -Indian Economy

A Learning Curve of Mr. Market: How Does Market Appreciate Intangibles Like CSR Reputation? A Study of Earnings Surprises, Abnormal returns, and CSR Reputation

Frank Li, Chong Yu
University of Western Ontario, Canada

JFAM V9 N2 P04 Frank Li -CSR Reputation

Actual Aspects of State Foreign Debt Management Strategy of Georgia in Modern Stage

Lavrenti Chiburdanidze, Lasha Chiburdanidze
Samtskhe-Javakheti State University, Georgia

JFAM V9 N2 P05 Lavrenti Chiburdanidze -Foreign Debt