International Journal of Agriculture and Economic Development
IJAED V6 N2 December 2018

Table of Contents

 Role of Water Organizations for Better Water Productivity in Agriculture

IJAED V6 N2 P01 Veysel EK -Productivity in Agriculture

Veysel EKİNCİ, Bilal ACAR
University of Selcuk, Turkey

Irrigation in Various Growth Stages effect on Yield and Water Productivity of Drip-Irrigated Sunflower in Semi-Arid Konya Environment, Turkey

IJAED V6 N2 P02 Duran YAVUZ -Growth Stages

Duran YAVUZ, Bilal ACAR, Nurcan YAVUZ, Nizamettin ÇİFTÇİ
University of Selcuk, Turkey

The Socio-Economic Benefits and Impact Study on the Application of Drones, Sensor Technology and Intelligent Systems in Commercial-Scale Agricultural Establishment In Africa

IJAED V6 N2 P03 Gregory Yawson -Agricultural Establishment

Gregory E. Yawson
Gremkay International, LLC, USA
Chamber of Agribusiness, Ghana

Belinda Frimpong-Wiafe
Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research
University of Ghana, Ghana