Journal of Marketing and Management
Volume 9 Number 2 – November 2018
Table of Contents

Relationship between Spiritually Intelligent Leadership and Employee Engagement
JMM V9 N2 P01 Michael Watson -Employee Engagement

Michael Watson, Matthew Kuofie, Richard Dool
Argosy University, USA

Theorizing the Mediating Role of Customer Citizenship Behavior on the Relationship between Perceived Service Fairness and Customer Loyalty: A proposed Model
JMM V9 N2 P02 Saeed Abdulaziz -Customer Citizenship Behavior

Saeed Khalid Abdulaziz, Ahmad Audu Maiyaki
Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria

The Potential Differences of Interpersonal Conflict Management Styles between Saudi and American Students studying in USA when Dealing with Conflict
JMM V9 N2 P03 Hassen Altalhi -Conflict Management 

Hassen Hussain Altalhi
Yanbu University College, Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia

Leadership Style in the Global Economy: A Focus on Cross-Cultural and Transformational Leadership
JMM V9 N2 P04 Samuel Bonsu -Global Economy

Samuel Bonsu
Walden University, USAEvans Twum-Danso
Allen University, USA

Look Before You Leap: What to do Before Jumping into a New Market
JMM V9 N2 P05 Casey Palmer -New Market

Casey Palmer
Central Michigan University, USA

Amazon in the Global Market
JMM V9 N2 P06 Blake Garner -Global Market

Blake A. Garner
Central Michigan University, USA